Tango DJ Joost Brunsting
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Tango music is my passion. Many stays in Buenos Aires have provided even more inspiration. My heart is at the Época de Oro; it is very satisfying to play the best tangos from this period. I'm regularly DJing in The Netherlands and Germany, including Tango Festivals & Encuentros.

My DJ set consists of a richly varied mix of energetic and sensitive, romantic tandas. In doing so, I follow the mood and taste of the dancers. I like to give the dancers the right energy, from the first to the very last tanda. By combining lively cortinas I make sure that every milonga will be a 'FIESTA'!

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  • "Es war wie eine Symphonie!" (ENCUENTRO RONDA DEL QUERER KASSEL)
  • "Er kennt sich bestens mit traditioneller Tangomusik aus. Immer wieder überrascht er sein Publikum auch mit weniger bekannten Stücken. Alles immer hervorragend zum Tanzen geeignet!”
  • "It was a party!" (ENCUENTRO LA CADENA NIJMEGEN)
  • "And than there was some music...... great! Especially the mixed tanda with Gobbi, Federico and Salamanca! Mmmh!" (ENCUENTRO RONDA DEL QUERER KASSEL)
  • "Complimenti!!!!! Stupenda musica!" (ENCUENTRO PRIMAVERA BREMEN)
  • "What a great DJ - everything was perfect" (ENCUENTRO LA CADENA GERMANY)

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